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When you hear some irritating noises in the background you just can’t focus on your work. You need something to concentrate your ears on. Regular songs are not the option because they may distract your brain which is trying to listen to the song’s lyrics. And that’s why I found these mixes useful in daily routine work. Here is a silver lining of keeping you focused while not making you fall asleep. Happy listening.

What is Lofi? In case you are curious.

The acronym Lo-Fi means “low fidelity”. This is a type of sound recording that can contain technical flaws, such as distortion, hum, background noise, or limited frequency response. All these make the recording sound different compared to the live sound being recorded in a studio, for example. These kinds of flaws in the music with a casual and unobtrusive representation can help to stay productive during the hard work that needs concentration without harming your nervous system.


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